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Remember when we told you guys that LIMBO was the most hauntingly beautiful game we have ever played? Well make that the second most hauntingly beautiful game we have ever played. Back in 2015 the guys at Playdead somehow managed to outdo themselves to create yet another masterpiece of a game, and the game is called INSIDE.

Inside is a puzzle platformer. The player character is an unnamed boy who explores a surreal and mostly monochromatic environment presented as a 2.5D platform game. The game is dark, with color used sparingly to highlight both the player and certain parts of the environment. The game is also mostly silent, with the exception of occasional musical cues, the boy’s vocals, dogs barking, equipment and sound effects. The player controls the boy who walks, runs, swims, climbs, and uses objects to overcome obstacles and progress in the game.

Playing the game, The boy can die in various ways. You thought the death scenes of the boy from LIMBO were brutal? well imagine the same brutality but with more color detail. The boy dies in ways such as being shot with a tranquilizer dart, mauled by dogs, ensnared by security machines, blown apart by shockwaves, or drowned.  As in the predecessor game Limbo, these deaths are presented realistically and are often graphic. If the character dies, the game continues from the most recent checkpoint.


A boy slides down a rocky incline. While running through a forest, he encounters masked guards with flashlights, as well as vehicles with mounted spotlights, and fierce guard dogs. He escapes the guards, then crosses a road where a block has been set up with more vehicles and guards, to a farm where parasitic worms cause pigs to run rampant. The boy uses the farm animals and equipment to escape to a seemingly-abandoned city where lines of zombie-like people are moved through mind control. Beyond the city is a large factory of flooded rooms, a shock wave atrium, and a laboratory environment where scientists perform underwater experiments on bodies.

While traversing these areas, the boy uses a mind-control helmet to control lifeless grey bodies, who seem to be made to work for the organization controlling the vans and dogs. The boy eventually comes across an underwater siren-like creature that attaches a device to him, allowing him to breathe underwater.

Continuing through the office and laboratories, the boy sees scientists observing a large spherical chamber. The boy enters the chamber and discovers a large blob-like creature, the Huddle, made of humanoid limbs connected to four control rods. After disconnecting the rods, the boy is pulled into the Huddle.

The Huddle escapes confinement, crashing through offices, killing some of the scientists in its path. The scientists trap the Huddle in another tank, but the Huddle escapes again and breaks through a wooden wall. It rolls down a forest hill and comes to a stop at a grassy coastline bathed in light.

Reception 10/10

PCMag 5/5

Metacritic 91%

Our take

There are no words to describe the beauty in this game. It is everything that LIMBO is but better. All we can say is just download the game, play it and witness its majesty!

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