B2B ecommerce application - Buy2go

I contributed to the development of a comprehensive B2B e-commerce platform designed to cater to a diverse user base – customers, drivers, warehouses, sales representatives, and agents. This complex platform seamlessly integrates all these users within a single, unified system, streamlining the B2B e-commerce experience for all stakeholders.

Case Study: Buy2go

Buy2go is a leading B2B e-commerce marketplace in Ethiopia, connecting food and grocery retailers with suppliers across key geographical regions. Owned by Afra Import & Export Company, Buy2go approached us to develop their vision. We were thrilled to partner with them on this project, and successfully delivered a robust e-commerce platform that exceeded expectations.

Within six months of its launch, Buy2go generated over 200 million ETB and achieved 1500+ downloads across the Play Store and App Store. This rapid growth is a testament to the platform’s effectiveness in facilitating efficient B2B transactions within the Ethiopian market.

E-learning & LMS Development (Abugida Online)

Abugida Online is a unique e-learning platform specifically designed for the needs of Ethiopian schools. It offers a comprehensive suite of e-learning and LMS features, making it an intuitive and user-friendly solution for students, teachers, parents, and school administrators.

My Contribution (E-learning)

I played a key role in developing the mobile app for Abugida Online. This app provides users with easy access to a wealth of educational resources, including video lectures, interactive exercises, and quizzes.

Case Study: Lideta Catholic Cathedral School

Lideta Catholic Cathedral School, one of Ethiopia’s most respected institutions, was looking to modernize its educational approach by embracing the digital world. We were proud to offer Abugida Online as their e-learning and learning management software solution. The successful deployment of the system has been met with great enthusiasm by the entire school community.

Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD):

I contributed to the development of a mobile application (Android & iOS) for electronic voucher distribution (EVD). This user-friendly app enables secure and efficient electronic voucher distribution through a hierarchical network of agents and sub-agents, maximizing reach.

Case Study: Top Technology

Top Technology, a leading electronic voucher distributor for Ethio Telecom in Ethiopia, was previously renting similar software from foreign telecom providers. Having been a satisfied client for other IT services we provided, Top Technology approached us to develop a custom EVD system specifically tailored to their needs.

Replacing the Rented System

We successfully developed a new EVD system that met all of Top Technology’s requirements. This eliminated their reliance on the previously rented system from a Chinese company, providing them with a locally-built solution that caters to the Ethiopian market.

Food Delivery App for German Startup

Cross-Platform Food Delivery App for German Startup (Flutter) I spearheaded the mobile development of a cross-platform food delivery app for a burgeoning startup in Germany. Utilizing the powerful Flutter framework, I built user-centric apps for both customers and restaurants, ensuring a smooth and efficient food delivery experience. The customer app boasts an intuitive interface for browsing menus, placing orders, and tracking deliveries. The companion restaurant app empowers staff to manage orders effectively, optimize delivery routes, and provide excellent customer service.